Family Law | 婚姻家庭法

Our firm is committed to helping you find resolutions to your family law needs, allowing you to move on with your life positively. we are providing Skilled Legal Assistance With Ontario ( Canada)and Illinois ( USA) Divorces ONLY.

We are dealing with family law matters, such as:


We help with all issues of divorce, including property division, spousal support, custody and child support.

Child Custody & Support

We assist parents with all types of child support and custody matters, including, relocation, petitioning for or contesting modifications, enforcing child support orders and negotiating child support agreements.

Paternity & Fathers’ Rights

We help parents with issues of paternity and protect fathers’ rights in regards to custody, support and other issues disputes.

Property Division

We provide guidance with all issues involving the division of property, assets and debts incident to divorce.


We can help clients who wish to modify or contest modifications of child support, child custody, parenting time or spousal support.

Domestic Violence

We act quickly when allegations of domestic violence are made to file for or contest personal protection orders.

We have a deep understanding of the court system and judges, and he can use that knowledge and experience to craft legal strategies that address your unique situation.

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